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SkyNeb Terminal

Currency Trading, Crypto Trading, Physical Trading

SkyNeb Terminal is a secure trading platform that allows its customers to instantly perform Currency, Commodity, Crypto and Physical Trading transactions with a more better experience.


Trading Platforms

You can do Currencies trading, analyze financial markets. The platform offers plenty of opportunities to investors at all skill levels: advanced technical analysis, flexible processing system, algorithmic processing, as well as mobile transaction applications.

Convenient feature rich environment allowing more flexibility in placing trades; highly customisable platform that can cater needs of any trader.

"Select the institution you want to work with and review invest plans"

Assets Management

Managing a portfolio for your clients? Need an easy solution for trading multiple asset classes simultaneously? Check our range of Asset Management software solutions, compatible to your trading platform.

  1. Portfolio Management

    Our specialized service on currencies portfolio management enables the client to understand and evaluate its exposure better. A strong MIS helps in identifying the exposure risk and also gives a complete picture of the Currencies health of the organization.

  2. Assets Management

    Skyneb Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products and functions across asset classes and investment styles. These include global and regional portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles for governments, institutions, corporations and individuals worldwide.

Choose Your Investment Plans

Choose investment products, create and manage your own investment plan. 4 steps to create your plan

  1. Set specific and realistic goals

  2. Calculate how much you need to save each month

  3. Choose your investment strategy

  4. Develop an investment policy statement

Physical Trading

Physical Gold Trading Build up assets saving gold Buy and sell gold worldwide on line fast Sell online at any time.

Send and receive gold online for free Change to other precious metals online Request delivery online


Whether it is geared to the index of a State, commodities or currencies, our Options & Futures offering enables you to diversify your portfolio.


Crypto Market

New people buy bitcoin and miss out on exciting, new opportunities. Diversifying means learning about keys, seeds, wallets, blockchains, mining fees, cold storage, and more. Not only do you give up control of your identity, privacy and money; everything quickly turns overwhelming with too much to learn. SkyNeb was created to shift power back to you to control your assets - with no banks, no brokers or institutional oversight.

Our wallet app makes it easy for you to trade currencies and cryptocurrencies, with complete support for margin trading. You can buy and sell assets such as bitcoin and ether on the open-source SkyNeb Exchange, our next-generation trading platform built on top of blockchains.

Market View

Get quick access to Market data with Skyneb Trader. With many innovations and the technologies it uses, your expectations from a data terminal will increase.

With its powerful technology structure, you can keep a close eye on the markets with Skyneb Trader Data Terminal which provides uninterrupted and rapid data flow.

Analyzes collected by our expert analysts are on your screen instantly.

With many innovations and the technologies it uses, your expectations from a data terminal will increase. Get quick access to Market data with Skyneb Trader. Professional analysis tools developed for many parities Provide fastest access to free market data Enhanced Analysis Tools


SkyNeb Trader Services

SkyNeb Financial Services makes it possible to instantly distribute financial data to multiple company or individuals from end-to-end, quickly and seamlessly. The data stream is securely transferred from end to end without any problem.

SkyNeb has a variety of receiver / transmitter infrastructure on different software platforms for data generation, data transmission and data receiving. All of the data flow, information and processing platforms made by SkyNeb can be used as White-Label for our customers who can transact in a certain volume. In addition, our customers could use our platforms as insource and outsource by integrating their own systems with our advanced APIs.

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