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Copy Trade

Copy Trading is a trading method based on the logic of copying known and trusted investors or algorithm transactions.


How It Works

It is enough to decide what percentage of the trading transactions of any preferred investor will be copied with the investment to be made in order to join the CopyTrade system. When any transaction to be made in the investor's main investment account is opened and closed, the same transaction is automatically opened or closed in the customer account according to the determined rate in the Copy Trade system.

To use the Copy Trade system, you do not need any technical analysis knowledge, you can start copying their transactions by simply reviewing the past transactions of the investor accounts and selecting the investor you want.


SkyNeb Financial Services

SkyNeb Financial Services makes it possible to instantly distribute financial data to multiple company or individuals from end-to-end, quickly and seamlessly. The data stream is securely transferred from end to end without any problem.

SkyNeb has a variety of receiver / transmitter infrastructure on different software platforms for data generation, data transmission and data receiving. All of the data flow, information and processing platforms made by SkyNeb can be used as White-Label for our customers who can transact in a certain volume. In addition, our customers could use our platforms as insource and outsource by integrating their own systems with our advanced APIs.

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