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Price Feeder

At SkyNeb, we collect all of our data directly from source which means we can be certain that it is immediate, accurate and consistent. Our range of price feed services provides to our clients the access to the price they want, when they want it, and in the way they want it.

We satisfy all needs from simple price feeds for valuations to highly complex solutions: our skilled team with deep understanding of the data enable us to deliver high-quality solutions with great efficiency.


SkyNeb Financial Services

SkyNeb Financial Services makes it possible to instantly distribute financial data to multiple company or individuals from end-to-end, quickly and seamlessly. The data stream is securely transferred from end to end without any problem.

SkyNeb has a variety of receiver / transmitter infrastructure on different software platforms for data generation, data transmission and data receiving. All of the data flow, information and processing platforms made by SkyNeb can be used as White-Label for our customers who can transact in a certain volume. In addition, our customers could use our platforms as insource and outsource by integrating their own systems with our advanced APIs.

Rest API
Streaming Data Feed
Server Services
Special Location Services
Cloud Infrastructure
API Access
Web Socket
Secure Data

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  • 100.000 API request per day

  • 60+ stock exchanges

  • 100+ Indexes

  • 25000+ Mutual Funds

  • 270+ Currency and CRYPTO pairs

  • Live Stock Prices

  • Adjusted closes included

  • Splits and Dividends included

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