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SkyNeb CRM

We offer a complete range of software development from customer relations to risk management systems and global network infrastructures and API solutions to data flow networks. In addition, with our back office applications, we ensure that your accounts are fully visible and customizable reporting is available.


SkyNeb Financial Services

SkyNeb Financial Services makes it possible to instantly distribute financial data to multiple company or individuals from end-to-end, quickly and seamlessly. The data stream is securely transferred from end to end without any problem.

SkyNeb has a variety of receiver / transmitter infrastructure on different software platforms for data generation, data transmission and data receiving. All of the data flow, information and processing platforms made by SkyNeb can be used as White-Label for our customers who can transact in a certain volume. In addition, our customers could use our platforms as insource and outsource by integrating their own systems with our advanced APIs.

Rest API
Streaming Data Feed
Server Services
Special Location Services
Cloud Infrastructure
API Access
Web Socket
Secure Data

Brokerage service is in the spotlight

We ensure that your accounts are fully visible and customizable reporting is available.

Open trading accounts for clients directly from CRM Accept and process customers requests for money deposit and withdrawal Review clients’ trading results Carry out a review on company’s reports, managers, accounts Each registration in Trader’s Room Is tracked out in CRM


Powerful advantages of our CRM

  1. Multi-integration

    Ready pre-integrated reliable system, multiple trading platform integration. Have an api of easy access and connectivity to other systems.

  2. Security

    Security protocols in place, by using Apexum security, your brokerage advantage of assigning security roles for users, level permission, and suite restriction to users.

  3. Automation

    Reliable automation, giving the advantage of streamed operations, designed for different departments depending on companies strategy and business-model.

  4. Deployment

    Automated deployment, API ready, ready-made preactive deployment, with the capability of establishing the system in no time.