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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy


Express Consent: An expressed consent for a certain topic based on notification and with free will,
Personal Data: Every type of information on an identified or could be identified real person,
Processing of Personal Data: Every type of processing on personal data, whether automatic or partially automatic, its gathering, storage, saving, altered, rearranged, announced, transferred, cessioned, becoming procurable, classified or put on hold as part of the data recording system,
Processor of Data: A real or legal entity which is authorized by the data supervisor to process personal data,
Data Recording System: A recording system which configures personal data under certain criteria,
Data Supervisor: A real or legal entity that determines and means the purpose of processing personal data and also responsible for setting up a data recording system and its management.

Under the law SkyNeb Ltd. Co., acts as a data supervisor.
Under the code 6698, Protection of Personal Data on 7th of April 2016, our customers, share their personal data should they want to exploit our services, Our company, with the title of Data Supervisor, within the legal limitations supported by the law; can obtain, save, store, retain, update on the purpose of maintaining its services, rearrange, within the ranges and scaling of the law, announce, share, transfer these information to third parties and process these data in other ways under the conditions of the law.

Our company, with legal reasonings and the intention to process your personal data; under the applicable legislation, stocks and bonds related to fund and money markets, commodities and similar instument data’s information, with the intention of detection of the process owner’s identity, adress and saving other necessary required information; arranging all record and documents which would form a base on digital or on paper platforms; liable to Markets, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, and other authorized institutions and organizations law and is following liabilities of informing, reporting, keeping information as projected by official authorities and international and national regulations with derivatives market data distribution and software to provide you the products and services uninterrupted. Your personal data will be used for billing, reporting related markets, on accounting processes of our company’s sales and marketing units; also to provide you better service, on our CRM system to transfer relevant market data. Your personal data, can be gathered on automatic or nonautomated ways, verbal, written or electronic platforms in respect to the websites, call center, mutual agreement and other similar channels.

Your personal data, the person, institution and organizations with other third parties; domestic and international markets, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, if is used under the condition which is requested from you, is allowed by applicable law; can be shared with consultants and establishments that we are cooperating in the name of maintaning our activities with our participation. Under Protection of Personal Data titled “Exceptions” 28th clause, provided defined conditions are hidden, as part of Law’s 11th clause by applying to our company clients have the right: a) to learn if the data is processed,
b) to request information if it is processed,
c) to learn the intention of processing and if it is used appropriately,
d) to learn domestic / international third parties which the information is transferred,
e) to request a correction on missing / false information,
f) to request removal / eradication of information, under the 7th clause of Protection of Personal Data Law, with projected conditions,
g) to request a notification on third parties which the processes that are made as stated in (e) and (f) subclauses,
h) to object on a result that is against you with analysis on exclusively automated systems,
i) to request a recover loss if you incur loss or suffer damage caused by unlawful processing of your personal data.

Your exercise of rights are starting with this regulation’s effective date which is 07.10.2016 (dd/mm/yyyy), and you must deliver a written request to our company for your request about this law’s application. However, if your requests demand an additional cost; our company holds the right for expenses from you, on stated tariffs under the Protection of Personal Data law’s “Application for Data Supervisor” titled 13th clause. Hereby information and approcal form, is an integral part of all types of contracts’ addition that is signed for our company.