About SkyNeb

Most technology companies don’t have a financial background
Most financial companies don’t have a technological background

SkyNeb combines both worlds by leveraging the knowledge in both areas and creating solutions that perfectly fit the financial services industry.

  • Founded in 2018 (predecessor company in 2004)
  • 20 employees in 4 offices: Turkey, Sweden, Hong Kong
  • In-house development of fintech and admin tools
  • Member of Borsa Istanbul

SkyNeb has developed in-house a complete range of softwares and tools for financial industry:

  • Trading platforms, exchange networks and information systems
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office and Reporting
  • Network Infrastructures
  • API Solutions
  • Data Flow Networks
  • Turkey Registration no.67428897
  • Sweden Registration no.770101
  • Hong Kong Registration no.70305272
SkyNeb Earth
SkyNeb is member of (HKEX) Hong Kong Exchanges and (ISE) Borsa Istanbul
CBRT USD Effective Selling Rate: 7.6503 TL